Ben & Jerry's Launches New Vegan Sunflower Butter-Based Flavors

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - Ben & Jerry's announced that they have launched three new vegan sunflower butter-ba...

Miyoko's Launches a New Vegan Mozz Made for Restaurants

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - Miyoko's Creamery, a leader in dairy products made 100% from plants, has officially launc...

The FDA Will Now Allow Lab Animals to be Adopted

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - In a recent policy change that quietly went into effect in November, the Food and Drug Ad...

Trader Joe's Launches Their Own Vegan Burger

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - Trader Joe's has quietly launched their own vegan burger that are in-stores now. Their ne...
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