FDA: Plant-Based Beverages Can Still Be Called Milk

FDA: Plant-Based Alternatives Can Still Be Called Milk

(Vegan AF)  According to a proposal by the FDA, plant-based beverage companies can continue to use the term "milk", something the dairy industry has been strongly against. The FDA noted in its draft proposal that most consumers are aware that liquid extracts from plants have no relationship to the udder of a cow.

“Today’s draft guidance was developed to help address the significant increase in plant-based milk alternative products that we have seen become available in the marketplace over the past decade,” Dr. Robert M. Califf, the FDA Commissioner, said in a statement.

“The draft recommendations issued today should lead to providing consumers with clear labeling to give them the information they need to make informed nutrition and purchasing decisions on the products they buy for themselves and their families," he said.

As part of the proposal, it is recommended that a plant-based milk alternative product that includes the term “milk” in its name (e.g., “oat milk” or “almond milk”), and has a nutrient composition that is different than milk, to include a voluntary nutrient statement that conveys how the product compares with milk.

The FDA will accept comments on the draft guidelines through April 23.

 Photo Credit: Vegan AF (Do not use image without permission).




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