Vegan Activist Regan Russel Killed by Slaughterhouse Truck at Pig Vigil

Vegan Activist Regan Russel Killed by Slaughterhouse Truck at Pig Vigil

(Vegan AF)  Animal rights activist and hero Regan Russell was killed on Friday by a truck transporting pigs while attending a vigil outside of a slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario. No charges have been filed at this time as investigators are still piecing together the events and circumstances that lead up to this tragedy. 

Russell, a longtime animal rights activist, was participating with others at a Toronto Pig Save vigil held outside of the slaughterhouse. She and other activists were comforting the pigs that were crammed in the back of a tractor trailer truck at the entrance of the plant. They were showing the upmost care and compassion for the pigs by giving them water.

The tragic passing of Russell comes just two days after Ontario passed Bill 156, Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act. This controversial bill increased fines to those trespassing on farms and food-processing plants. It also makes it illegal to obstruct trucks that are carrying farm animals.  

Photo Credit: Regan Russell (Facebook)

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