Dunkin' May Soon Be Adding Vegan Donuts To Their Menu

Dunkin' May Soon Be Adding Vegan Donuts To Their Menu

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - At a recent shareholder meeting, Dunkin' CEO David Hoffman was asked as to whether the chain would add vegan donuts to their menu. 

“As it relates to a vegan donut, we continue to investigate a viable vegan donut option. We are looking at it closely”, said Hoffman. “You’re going to continue to see us put more consumer choices on the menu”, he said.

Last year, Dunkin' added the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich at various locations in New York City. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the sandwich, Dunkin' decided to roll out the breakfast sandwich to locations nationwide.

At the current moment, Dunkin' currently offers 20 vegan food and drink items. With the increased consumer demand for cruelty-free options, it's no surprise that companies like Dunkin' are looking to expand their vegan choices for consumers.

Photo Credit: Dunkin'

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