Burger King Launches Meatless Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich

Burger King Launches Meatless Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich

RICHMOND, Va. (Vegan AF) - Burger King has announced that they have officially launched a new meatless version of their popular Croissan'wich made with an Impossible sausage patty. Burger King is the first nationwide restaurant chain to serve Impossible meatless sausages on a breakfast sandwich.

However, Burger King states that their meatless Croissan'wich is served with a slice of dairy cheese, chicken egg, and the croissant is non-vegan as well. Similarly, Burger King launched an Impossible Whopper nationwide in 2019, yet they still put regular mayo and dairy cheese on it.

They also cook the meatless burger patty on the came same grill surface as their regular meat. To avoid contamination with meat juices from the grill, they will microwave the patty if requested by a customer.

Time will tell if Burger King will eventually offer consumers with additional cruelty-free options such as non-dairy cheese, mayo, as well as prepare their meatless patties on a separate cooking surface. 

Photo Credit: Burger King

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